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Pros and cons of buying a used car

Used cars are often the best value found in the car market. This value is especially found when buying cars that are only a few years old. The price is often much lower than a new car and you can also save money on items such as collision insurance and taxes. The used car has also already taken it biggest hit in depreciation. Many people say a car depreciates as soon as you take it off the lot. Certainly it loses the greatest percentage of its value in the first few year. Also by buying a used car you can afford to get a car with options you just couldn't afford to buy on a new car.

Super Bowl Ads - Cars dealers are back

Looks like the car business is starting to turn around. After several years of absence from the Super Bowl the auto makers have returned this year with new ads for the Super Bowl. Many of the ads have already been posted to the Internet. No need to wait until the Super Bowl to watch the ads. Make sure to search for your new car.

Chevy Happy Grad | Chevy Super Bowl XLVI Ads | Chevrolet Commercial

eBay Motors New Car Revolution Devolution Sale Event

What’s going on? It’s not a limbo contest, but eBay is asking consumers to find out how low they can go in a modern version of the classic Summer Tent Sale, offering auto shoppers great deals on brand new 2012 vehicles.
Starting at Noon ET, Thursday, June 28 through 8pm ET, Monday, July 2, eBay Motors, in partnership with AutoNation Direct, will list more than 50 new 2012 cars and trucks in AutoNation Direct’s eBay store, with each vehicle’s listing price decreasing significantly every hour until one lucky customer decides the time is right to hit “buy-it-now” and make the purchase.

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